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Turbofan convection oven systems offer portability to suit any application, an expandable platform with a wider range of oven footprints, increased tray loading capacity and smart door design for safety. Coupled with the 30 Series’ matching prover and holding cabinet, Turbofan offers more features within its DNA.

The research and development stage of the series was crucial to the ongoing success of Turbofan. They have listened intently to customers over the years in order to understand their various operating environments and changing needs. Turbofan have observed various customer groups such as cafes, convenience stores, chain bakeries and service stations in real life situations, their aim being to make cooking and baking inherently easier for them. The resulting new ideas have been applied to their already outstanding range of ovens and re-born as an expanded series of Turbofan convection ovens.

Turbofan convection ovens are of durable construction and ingenious design. Be it chocolate cake or prime rib, you can rely on quality componentry and features to deliver results that are effortless, flawless and, most importantly, consistent.