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Cafe Tables Melbourne

If you’re in need of cafe tables Melbourne then we can help. We’re one of the leading suppliers of cafe furniture in Melbourne and offer a wide range of tables in all shapes, sizes, and colours. Whether you’re looking for a bar table, a large circular table, or a communal table, we’ve got you covered.

Leading brand

The majority of our table tops are manufactured by Isotop, a market leader in the hospitality industry and not without reason. Manufactured using a patented German technology, the procedure involves combining resin with wax and plantation wood chip to produce a table top that is then given a laminate coating to make it one of the strongest that you’ll ever come across. Resistant to heat, scratches, and inclement weather, these attractive table tops are hygienic and low maintenance, so make a great option for busy environments.

As well as the more traditional black or white table tops, you can also choose from customer favourites such as wenge which gives an exotic, stylish aesthetic, cement for a trendy, funky look, and Shesman which with its gold and vanilla hues, is absolutely stunning. Cafe tables in Melbourne don’t come much better than this.

Table solutions

We sell table tops and bases individually as well as table packages which offer a cost effective and hassle free solution to shopping for cafe tables in Melbourne. Each table package contains a top quality table top and a stylish Roma aluminium table base with a silver or black finish. With 94 combinations to choose from, you’re certainly spoiled for choice. Manufactured to commercial grade, weatherproof and heat resistant, and supplied with a one year warranty, they make a really good buy.

If you’re looking for a custom table then we offer a choice of table tops which can be paired with any table base you like. With over 30 bases to choose from and more than 70 table tops, it’s never been easier to shop for a cafe table. Another advantage of buying your table tops and bases separately, is that in the event a table top becomes damaged, you can simply keep the base and swap out the top, saving you money.

Banish wobbly tables

If you’ve suffered from wobbly tables in the past, then we have just the solution with our FLAT technology table bases. Incorporating a system of hydraulic pipes hidden within the frame, your tables are levelled automatically on any surface and table tops are aligned in a matter of seconds. Why not give us a call to find out more?

It’s never been easier to purchase cafe tables in Melbourne, so why not browse out online store and visit our showroom.