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Cafe Tables In Darwin

If you’re looking for cafe tables in Darwin then you’ve come to the right place. At Cafe Solutions we stock a wide range of cafe tables in a variety of sizes and materials to suit most decors and budgets.

Since cafe tables are one of the first things that customers see when entering your cafe, it’s important to make the right choice. Before buying the first cafes tables in Darwin that you see, it’s always best to work out a seating plan so that you can maximise your floor space and accommodate as many customers are you can without compromising on their comfort. Other things to consider are the type of clientele that you’re hoping to attract. Young professionals for instance may prefer industrial styled tables such as our replica Tolix meeting tables; or if you serve a lot of groups, then take a look at investing in some communal dining tables so everyone can be seated together with the minimum of hassle. You may also find some of our smallest tables, 600mm, to be handy. Not only do these fit easily into tight corners and recesses but they’re perfect for solo diners and means that they’re not taking up a table which could seat 4 people.

Indoor/outdoor cafe tables

The majority of our cafe tables are suitable for indoor/outdoor use and are manufactured by Isotop and Werzalit. Made using a unique compound that utilises plantation wood chip, resin, and wax, the table tops themselves are seamless for hygiene reasons, and resistant to heat, stains and scratches. They’re also very easy to clean needing little more than a wipe with a damp cloth and a mild cleanser to keep them looking as good as new. With plenty of colours, shapes, and sizes to choose from, there’s sure to be a table that meets your needs.

Table tops and bases/packages

Customers looking to buy cafe tables in Darwin can choose whether to buy a table package, which consists of a table top and base, or whether to buy the top and base separately to create a custom table to meet their dining needs. Our table packages come in a variety of sizes and are easily assembled. Consisting of a high quality Isotop tale top and a stylish aluminium Roma table base they’re a cost effective means of furnishing your dining space.

The benefit of buying table tops and bases separately is that you can match any table top with a base of your choice to make a custom table that matches your décor/theme. In addition should you need to replace a damaged table top at any time you can do so and still retain the same base, saving yourself money.

Table bases

We also stock a wide range of table bases in different sizes, materials, and colours. From contemporary bolt in stainless steel bases to high tech FLAT technology bases, we’ve got all your bases covered.

So next time you’re searching for cafe tables in Darwin be sure to look us up!