Buy Bar Tables – 4 Points to Consider

buy bar tables

Your choice of bar table can influence whether or not your bar is a success. Since bar tables take up the majority of your space and are one of the first things that customers are likely to notice, making the right choice is important. So when you’re looking to buy bar tables what points should you consider? Well, let’s take a closer look.

When you’re looking to buy bar tables there are 4 main points to consider, namely:

  • Shape
  • Height
  • Finish
  • Durability

And each of these points needs to be taken into consideration if you are to choose  the bar tables that best meet your needs.

So let’s start with the first point to consider – the shape of your bar table.

What’s the best shape of bar table for your space?

By far the most popular shape for a bar table seems to be square and that’s because it’s easy to push them together to make a bigger table should you have a group of customers all wanting to sit together.

That said, when you’re looking to buy bar tables it’s always worth considering investing in a few round tables since these are useful in small nooks and grannies or corners and can be paired with stools to maximise your floor space. All of our Isotop table tops are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can use the same design throughout.

So now you’ve decided on what shape to look for, how about the height of your bar table?

You should know that all of our bar tables, stools, and chairs are provided in standard sizes so that any combo of bar table/stool  or bar table and chairs work together seamlessly. However, if you’re buying bar tables to pair with existing chairs or stools, then you need to ensure they’re the right height so that the chairs or stools can be pushed beneath them while still leaving your customers sufficient leg room. Also, if you’re looking for stools to go with dry bar tables or poseur tables as they’re also known, then remember to buy our tallest stools which come in at 76 cm in height.

Complement your décor with the right finish

Wooden bar tables seem to be the most popular choice for bar owners and that being the case, our Isotop table tops come in several different and equally beautiful wood designs including Sheswood timber, Choco Oak, and Maple.

Of course, you could always choose a more contemporary finish such as black marble (Alcantara) and pair it with some sleek and stylish stainless stools.

This leads on to our last point which is durability. No matter what style of bar table you buy, it needs to be durable and able to withstand abuse from customers who probably don’t treat their furniture at home in the same way.

Commercial furniture is stronger than residential furniture and designed to withstand frequent daily use. When you pair it with our strong Roma aluminium table bases or even a cast iron table bases, you know they’ll look sleek and stylish for many years to come.

Buy bar tables for your dining space today

At Cafe Solutions, we stock a wide range of bar table packages or you can choose to select a separate bar table top and match it with one of our many table bases to create a custom bar table – it’s entirely up to you.

Why not browse our online store where you can order for contact-less collection or delivery or visit our Brisbane showroom to see our furniture up close.